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Our Awards

We are proud to have been voted "Aquatic retailer of the year" 1999, and “Eastern retailer of the year” 1999, 2013 & 2014

A big thanks goes to all of our customers for supporting us.

2014 Award 2013 Award 2013 Award 2014 Award 1999 Award 1999 Award

Meet our staff

  • Russell Kempson, owner of Pet-Paks and the Coral Cave.
  • Brian Cockley, our dedicated part time aquarist with us since 2011.
  • Baz Petch, our fish house manager who has been with us since 1995.
  • We are currently seeking another full time person to join our team, if interested please contact either Russell or Baz in the first instance.

A brief history

We first opened in 1992 and our aquatic section has undergone many improvements during the last 22 years, and now forms a major part of our retailing operation.

Although sited within a pet superstore. The 'Coral Cave' has always maintained an individual trading style, in line with other aquatic only' outlets.

We are very proud of our local reputation for giving excellent service and advice.

We take great pleasure in seeing some of our regular customers progress through the many aspects of fish keeping and would like to think that we have contributed in making their lives a little easier.

We strongly believe that the future of fish keeping rests heavily on the shoulders of the independent aquatic retailer, and can assure all of our customers that we will endeavour to play our part.

Our aquatic section was completely rebuilt in 2011 and we take great pride in keeping it looking like the day it was first opened.

 Meet our newest staff member

Our newest member of staff is Ian Taylor, with over 20 years experience in the aquatic trade, Ian is well equipped to help with all aspects of aquarium and pond keeping.